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  1. push ! Anyone with non-EU accounts to cash out or any good scenarios how to use this system to generate cash?
  2. any account with money , crypto or any other exchangeable assets on it, that is secured via SMS as 2FA, because we can intercept that. all african and asian countries. partially eastern europe maybe. if you have any other ideas which type of accounts are smart to take over, lets work together.
  3. push ! looking for someone with accounts to cashout via 2fa sms.
  4. i will buy one if you accept escrow and ahow proof about the quality of the ID/licenses.
  5. hello guys, i have access to ss7 network and im able to receieve / intercept sms. unfortunatley usa and most of the EU countries have a sms firewall now. asia, africa and australia is still vulnerable though. what are your ideas how to use this system? foreign online banking accounts, hacking crypto wallets? any cooperation is welcome, looking for partners! br