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  1. hey, id like to know if receiving btc from ob cashouts than converting it to xmr with few additional wallet hops is enought to not get tracked ? The money wont be ending up in exchanges, what should i do while doing those transactions ? should i use socks, vm etc etc
  2. series: Narcos movies: The count of monte cristo
  3. Id like to know where to buy BTC clipboard stealers and how to operate them, like how should i put my BTC there ? What measures should i take in order to avoid bitcoin forensics if i hit a good target which is willingly to pay 10k to a blockchain forensics guys ? What should i do to spread that stealer to a group of targets ? Have anyone has any experiences with clipboard stealers which is worth sharing ? Thank you.
  4. Im offering checked valid sparkasse onlinebankings that are not older than 1 month. Bulk selling possible. TH accepted and preferred. Replacing can happen only with the existence of a unedited video proof of the account login being invalid.