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  1. still got no reaction from him on telegram.. think he is just a little fish from now on only th because these type of kids
  2. Hi, i had 50k ready to offload and this was our first time working together (after he spammed me everyday to work with him, i loaded 2k on his giropay links and then told him pay me out because its our first time working together, so he said "Yes payout takes 5-10 mins". Now we are 5 hours further and havent heard from him since i asked him how long it will take to pay me out for my loadings, so this is most likely a small fish scammer whos fridge is probably empty... @Evolution all proof will be sent through gyazo links if you wanna see it. man we gotta ban all these kids from cm, lil fishes proof: world= me peacock= @Elektek https://gyazo.com/754935425c2b76f4c621a453a7f4f6e4 https://gyazo.com/5d2d8197ac0a53f3ddd2048621c12af2 https://gyazo.com/f23a47b7056ad13c8512676e38ab894e https://gyazo.com/a46928e52093bc2efc7a77b2f0d28684 https://gyazo.com/5c3063f4bd8809f65978f53b1345a506 https://gyazo.com/fe8bb4eddda44d73200d621eaaf6143c https://gyazo.com/aba65d2b8aed7dbe7f72c7ee101369fd https://gyazo.com/3a6409da0a236925a780a4ca0ce1ff9a
  3. everyone with bank drops that accept instant sepa (ez) receiving message me on telegram : @ikwilbitcoin
  4. hello everyone, who got BD's that accept EZ receiving, i can load them all with a good amount. no N26 because that card dont work no more, everything but NOT n26... message me on telegram if we can help each other : @ikwilbitcoin
  5. hi bro, i cant find you on jabber, message me on telegram please @ikwilbitcoin, or send me your telegram or right jabber. i can load your cards everyday with a lot of money if the drops are good, message me if you wanna do business.