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  1. PUSH PUSH PUSH, spk obs needed, open for coop, do not attempt to sell used ones !
  2. PUSH we know if you are selling called data or not, please do not attempt to sell anything other than what we agreed on.
  3. Hello, for cashing out sparkasse logs, apart from login info i also need DOB but the log doesn't provide it. Is there a way to lookup victims DOB with the information of their phone and address?
  4. We are buying valid checked Sparkasse logs with phone number, address, and DOB. We can open echtzeits in victim's accounts. TH preferred & we are open for reasonable partnerships if you can be a long term data supplier..
  5. Hello, we are a Turkish / German OB fraud team that have professional callers and bank drops. We are currently in search for spammers that will work with us for %. Long term seller's would be fine too. We are out of fuel... For serious attendants, details can be discussed.
  6. up up up, still looking for OB dealers that are interested in cashing their ob's out instead of selling them...
  7. Hello, as can be seen by the title, we are in search for spammers that will provide us Sparkasse OB's on daily basis. *Required information in the OB's are: Credentials, BIC/login page, DOB, Phone number, Address. *We have the callers we have the drops your only responsibility will be getting OB's. *After weeks of successful business, you may receive your share in cash money if you are living in Germany. *German-speaking / Turkish speaking spammers preferred for communication. *The job will be long-term, please do not try to sell your 10 or 15 logs that you collected 3 months ago from publicly shared EU MIX logs, the OB's that we use must be unique and must not be called before by another team. You also need to be capable of getting logs on daily basis, after we start operating we cannot simply pause for log problems in the middle. [email protected]
  8. Guys, what do you think about the reliability of the exchange "Elude" ? Did anyone in the past have unpleasant experience with this exchange ? Will it be sufficent to clear dirty bitcoins by converting them into XMR ?