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  1. Bist du von Bahnhof Zoo? (Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo . gibt das mal in google ein!) Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo ist ein 1978 vom Magazin Stern herausgebrachtes biografisches Buch, das die Situation drogenabhängiger Kinder und Jugendlicher am Beispiel von Christiane Felscherinow aus der Gropiusstadt im Berliner Bezirk Neukölln schildert. Die Autoren des Buchs sind Kai Hermann und Horst Rieck
  2. geht keine Gay/typen?
  3. ich habe zwar von Utorrent bzw jdownloader .. / iMacros . Hitleap & GSA Sear / xRumer etc gerde aber egal ^^
  4. RDP.SH arbeit Starkrdp.io zws ^^ .. Post bitte die Wallet von den ware nett ^^
  5. B0ris der admin von FS? ist im bau mit Ebola
  6. du kannst ja google .. geht aber manuel mit cclearn ^^ Adklick(VIP72 geht auch weg der proxy sachen)
  7. Falls ihr was spenden wolte an mich Bitcoin 1CFsyQpKSSih3oqzWUU8D2MnkjbxgmdRrW USDT
  8. This guide will teach you step by step how to easily bot affiliate revenue on chaturbate.com They pay 1$ per affiliate sign up, even if users don’t verify their E-Mail. The botting process and proxies are humanized. Thus the risk is very low. - Step 1 First of all, you’ll need a Chaturbate affiliate account. Newly created Chaturbate accounts are not eligible for affiliate work payout until 1 month after account creation. Luckily we can easily bypass this restriction by using an affiliate link from a trusted Chaturbate affiliate, which allows you to payout instantly. You could go search for those online but in order to save you time, I put trusted affiliate links here that you can use. Doesn’t matter which one choose. http://ow.ly/XtR750EV03i http://rb.gy/5bnysb https://bit.ly/3bShUR4 The links are shortened to protect the affiliates from web searches etc. Just sign up normally. 2FA with Android Authenticator will be required. If you are ok with being paid out in BTC, you can use fake info. All you’ll need is a BTC wallet, which can be easily created with Exodus App or Binance, and add the BTC address under “Payment Info” on Chaturbate. If you want to be paid out in USD via bank transfer, it is advisable to use matching info of said bank account. Once you filled out all the information, go to www.chaturbate.com/affiliates/linkcodes/ and look for the “Home Page (without popup join form)” link under the 1$ per sign up registration program. Note it down in a Notepad or whatever, we are going to need it later for the bot. - Step 2 Next up we are going to invest in residential proxies and a captcha solving service to make the sign ups from the bot look like they’re legit. You can use whatever service you want, but here are a few examples. > > > Proxiware Guide: UPDATE 29.05.2021 Proxiware seems to have some issues and blocked Google requests, which we need to solve the Captcha. If you get the error "Thread failed to get IP", its Proxiware having issues, and not you. In that case wait for the issues to be resolved or use a different proxy service. Since Proxiware support isn't able to tell me when their Proxies will work again, I'm showing another example with SpeedProxies and Proxy-Cheap, which is even cheaper. Only 5$ / 1GB. But you can use almost any proxy service you want as long they don't block Google. Got to https://proxiware.com/ . Simply create an account and purchase the Bronze 8$ or Iron 22$ package. You will hit the respectively GB limits rather quickly when going for more than 100$/day. But if you just want to try out the method, the Bronze plan is fine. You can always purchase more GB later. After you completed the purchase, you go to your Proxiware Dashboard and bind the IP address of your botting computer to the Proxiware service. Simply go to whatismyipaddress.com and copy the IPv4 from there. If you have a dynamic IP, you’ll always have to check if your IP is the same before starting the bot. When it changes, just add the new IP again in the Proxiware Dashboard. No problemo. Lastly, download the Proxiware proxy list from https://www.mediafire.com/file/5app2nxmjfvx4vw/Proxy+list.rar/file and save it. > > > SpeedProxies Guide: UPDATE 30.05.2021 Good price, decent proxies. My personal choice right now. Go to https://speedproxies.net/ and make an account. Go to balance and add at least 5$ as 1GB is 4$. You can pay with Stripe (Credit Card) or Coinbase (Crypto, takes longer). After the payment is completed, wait a few seconds and go to Panel ---> Buy Residental Proxies and buy how much GB you want (1GB Is fine for testing). You should be at the network access panel now. If not, just go to Panel ---> Residental Proxies again. Make sure "Rotation" is set to "Sticky IP". Under "Country", choose USA or any European TIer 1 Country like Germany/France/Norway. At the bottom, set "Quantity" to 1000 and "Format" to hostname:[email protected]:password. Now you copy the formatted proxy list and save it in a text file. Repeat this step for 3 - 10 countries and save the lines all in the same text file. You should have at least 3000 lines in your text file now. Continue with Step 2.5 and whenever there is mention for Proxy list, use your created proxy list. > > > Proxy-Cheap Guide: UPDATE 30.05.2021 Pretty garbage provider as they limit you heavily in how many proxies / hour you can access. Can't really recommend them, but it works with low threads. Go to https://app.proxy-cheap.com/r/OJogQP . Make an account and add funds to your account. Add at least 5$ as the minimum of 1 GB is 5$. Go to Proxies -> Residental Proxies and buy however much GB you want. 1GB is fine for testing. Because this provider doesn't have a IP whitelist feature, you'll have to create your own proxy list. In order to do that, wait until your proxy is activated and then click on the right on "overview". Next, click "credential generator" at the top right. Switch the "session type" to session IP and "random country" to USA or an european tier 1 country like germany/sweden/poland etc. On "proxy credential Generator" at the bottom, switch to credential count to something between 200 - 1000. The page will be reloaded and credentials created. Copy these credentials in a text file, which we'll need later. Repeat this step for how many tier 1 countries you like. you should put all credentials in the same text file. In the end you should have at least 3000 lines in the text file. save the text file and use it when proxy list is mentioned in this guide. Step 2.5 As for the captcha solving service, we’ll be using https://bit.ly/3caAsML in this guide. The service is super cheap and you get like 1000 Captcha solved with 100% success rate for 3$ or so. Just create and account and add some funds (5$ will be more than enough). On your Dashboard, you’ll see an API KEY. Note it down in a notepad, just like the Chaturbate affiliate code. Step 3 Almost there. Let’s create some random usernames for the sign ups. Simply go to www.generator.my-addr.com/generate_usernames-free_username_generator_online_tool.php and create a list of usernames. I suggest you use the following settings: Usernames Count: 10000, Count of random chars: 3, activate checkbox “0-9” “a-z” “user random dictionary word at beginning” “lower case words”, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. Copy all the generated usernames (CTRL+A) in a new notepad text file and save it as usernames.txt . If you followed all the steps correctly, you should now have: 1. Your Chaturbate affiliate link 2. Your Captcha API Key 3. Proxy list 4. Generated Username List If this is the case, you can proceed to the final step Step 4 Download the affiliate bot from here Version 4: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xd8oyge55lcr1up/XdarAffiliateBotv4.rar/file or if it doesn't work for you, Version 3: https://www.mediafire.com/file/839nu4gj79t5yt5/AffiliateBot.3.rar/file Extract it, run it and give it some time to start up. After choosing your language, you should be greeted by a window that says “Please define resources”. Under “Your Home Page Affiliate Link”, you’ll insert your Chaturbate Affiliate link from Step 1. Under “Captcha API Key”, you’ll insert your Captcha API KEY from Step 2.5. Under “Proxy List”, you choose the Proxy List you created or downloaded in Step 2. Under “Username List”, you pick the usernames.txt you generated in Step 3. Everything else you can leave as it is. The last parameter we’re going to adjust is Threads. Under “Threads”, you’ll choose on how many instances you want to bot simultaneously (1 Thread, 1 Browser sign up ever 2min. 3 Threads, 3 Browser sign ups every 2min). If you have a very weak computer or very limited funds on your Proxy provider, I suggest you start with 2 threads. With this set up, it will take you about 9 hours of botting to hit the 100$ mark. If you want to earn more and faster, you can up the threads. I personally wouldn’t go above 15, but that’s up to you. Once that’s done, you hit “Ok” and completed the set up. Congratulations, you’re now earning 100$/day or more on full auto pilot. You can track your earnings on www.chaturbate.com/affiliates/stats/ . The only thing you’ll need to keep an eye out is your Proxy GB limit usage (buy more GB before it hits 100% or 0%) and that some funds are on the Captcha service. The bot may print some red warnings in the live log, but that’s totally normal and mostly due the proxies. As long there are green entries with “Thread succeded with message “OK””, all is going according to plan. Payouts are sent 2 times a month once you reach the minimum payout amount, the first payout is made from 2nd to 5th day of the month and the second payout is made from 17th to 20th day of the month. It is advisable to not earn more than 15’000$/month per account, or you might trigger a manual investigation which could lead to a ban of your account. /// UPDATE 30.05.2021 This is still just a theory, but It looks like Chaturbate has tightened their bot detection algorithm or even limited their entire affiliate system. Our bot (free version from this guide) can switch browser footprints only every 3 minutes. The paid plugin version could do it every request. But before we switch to that, I'm looking into other possible solutions and need confirmation that Chaturbate detects our botting. For now, I strongly suggest you try different thread settings and check what gives you the best conversion rate of Tier 1 Chaturbators, so you don't burn through your proxy bandwidth usage with no gain. Another temporary solution could be running the bot multiple times on different systems (laptop / RDP / VPS / VM) with low to medium threads (2 - 8). Every bot on a different system has a separate 3min timer for the footprint switcher, thus resulting in more unique footprints. The next free bot version will include the ability to use multiple Chaturbate affiliate links, but more on that later.
  9. ich kann ja nicht mehr https://www.unternehmen24.info/Firmeninformationen/Deutschland/Firma/4766563 irmeninfo: Name:1337 Services GmbH Adresse: Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 18 20459 Hamburg Bundesland: Hamburg Land:Deutschland Entwicklung, Progammierung und der Vertrieb von digitalen Produkten wie z. B. vollautomatische Serververmietungswebsites. IP von rdp.sh https://www.abuseipdb.com/check/ https://cracked.to/Thread-Wow-best-rdp-service-ever-RDP-sh-Do-not-buy-from-they
  10. V-TuT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3Mbj6f8jnM
  11. War das nicht Sync aka Makan?
  12. Hackbase & Swissfaking .. nicht?^^
  13. What is the LeafPHP email spamming attack? The LeafPHP email spammer uses the LeafPHP mailer library installed on the server into sending spam mails through the website owner's email account. Here is a sample screenshot of the malicious php file: https://www.getastra.com/e/malware/infections/leaf-phpmailer-email-spamming-wordpress-magento-opencart-websites