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  1. ich nehm die 100 euro und reinvestiere sie hier prompto... !! Nicht nur nehmen, Geben ist auch eine sehr feine Sache !!
  2. Hier mal als Anregung was neues seitens Apple. Das Feature gestattet es mir also meinen Standort sowie die Zeitzone zu ändern. In Combi mit VPN/Socks auf dem Handy also eine denkbare und vielleicht auch brauchbare Lösung zum mobile frauden?? Was meint Ihr dazu? Requirements Enhanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention is available on any device with iOS 15, iPadOS 15, or macOS Monterey. To use iCloud Private Relay, you must meet the following requirements: • Have a device with iOS 15, iPados 15, or macos Monterey • Have an iCloud+ plan • Be in an eligible region Using iCloud Private Relay works discreetly in the background when you use apps with unencrypted traffic or browse the web in Safari. iCloud Private Relay ensures that all traffic leaving your device is encrypted. All your requests are sent through two separate internet relays. The first relay assigns you an anonymous IP address that maps to your region but not your actual location. The second relay decrypts the web address that you want to visit and forwards you to the destination. iCloud Private Relay works without compromising the performance of your device. Note that Intelligent Tracking Prevention and Mail Privacy Protection use the same underlying technology to protect your Safari browsing and Mail actity from trackers.
  3. Hi hätte interesse. Bin 38, falls das ok ist? Gern PN.